AISOCC University Chapters

In 2015, the Executive Board of the American Investigative Society of Cold Cases (AISOCC) voted to approve the first AISOCC University Chapters.  The intent of the University / Student Chapters is to offer new opportunities for students in the fields of criminal justice, forensics, psychology and other related fields to study actual cold cases in their academic development.  This opportunity also serves to expose the cases submitted to AISOCC to yet another “set of fresh eyes” in our on-going attempt to assist in solving cold cases.  Each University requesting Chapter membership must be led by a Faculty Advisor with pertinent practitioner training/experience or suitable academic teaching and research.  All University Chapters will report directly to The AISOCC National Coordinator for University / Student Chapters.  Interested Universities must submit application for membership and their annual dues ($150.00), and abide by the AISOCC University / Student Chapter By-Laws. Each Student Member must read, understand, and abide by the Confidentiality Agreement and submit their annual dues of $20.00.  Each Faculty Advisor is responsible for monitoring and enforcing the Confidentiality Agreement for their respective Chapter. 

AISOCC National Coordinator for University Chapters
Dr. Tamson Six

If you would like to start an AISOCC University Chapter or have any questions regarding our Chapters email her at