Dr. Chris Kunkle, President

Dr. Kunkle is a forensic psychologist and criminal investigation consultant with over 23 years in the field of criminal investigation. As an expert in violent and sexual crimes he brings a unique combination of training and experience in forensic science and violent criminal behavior to unsolved case investigation. Using classic criminal investigation techniques combined with analyzing the behavioral dynamics of violent offenders and victimology, Dr. Kunkle constructs offender profiles and offers recommendations on offense dynamics that help reconstruct the crime scene. He has been recognized for his innovative work in the management of sexually violent predators, has evaluated more than a thousand violent and sexual offenders throughout the U.S. and has published articles on stalking, violence risk assessment and violent sexual disorders. As part of the St. Rose adjunct faculty at the College of St. Rose since 2010, Dr. Kunkle has taught courses on Sexually Deviant Behavior, Criminal Profiling, Serial Crimes, Criminal Behavior and Forensic Psychology. He is also the co-founder of the College of St. Rose - Cold Case Analysis Center. Dr. Kunkle is also the former Director and Chief Psychiatric Examiner of Institutional Sex Offender Treatment for the State of New York, and a former Forensic Scientist with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Katelyn Wisniewski.jpeg

Katelyn Wisniewski, Secretary

Katelyn has her Master’s Degree in Applied Criminology with an added certificate in Behavioral Crime Analysis. She also has a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice and an Associate’s in Elementary Education. Katelyn completed an internship with the County Detectives in her local District Attorney’s Office where she assisted in arrests, contributed to investigative interviews of victims and defendants, and methodically analyzed cases in preparation for court. Katelyn currently works in the field of Corrections where she supervises female and male work crew and work release inmates.

Katelyn has been a member of AISOCC since 2014. She began volunteering in any way possible; this included assisting with the organization of the annual conference and helping with AISOCC newsletters. Shortly after, Katelyn was promoted to Chair of the Newsletter Committee where she corresponds with members of AISOCC to construct quarterly newsletters, as well as tracking memberships.