AISOCC Case Submission Process

AISOCC's cold case submission process is easy.

Upon their request, AISOCC reviews cold cases submitted by investigating law enforcement agencies. AISOCC does not review partial case files, cases submitted by victim's families, etc., to prevent evaluative errors due to missing case file information. AISOCC must be invited to review the case by law enforcement. Upon completion of AISOCC's Cold Case Review, AISOCC furnishes the requesting law enforcement agency with a comprehensive, interdisciplinary report that contains information and ideas for how investigators might move forward with investigating the case.

AISOCC's Cold Case Review Process

  1. The first step is to submit a case synopsis to the AISOCC President.
  2. The President will discuss the case with AISOCC's Board of Directors for review acceptance.
  3. Cold cases are submitted in digital format and are reviewed by AISOCC's Board of Directors.
  4. Cold Cases are reviewed in the order in which they are accepted.

Confidentiality is forefront at AISOCC. Review Board Members and Consulting Committee Members have all signed a non-disclosure form and a memorandum of understanding towards ensuring that the case is held in the utmost confidentiality. Most of our members have assisted on hundreds if not thousands of cases already.