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Joining AISOCC shows a strong desire to do the right thing and stand for truth by not allowing victims to be forgotten. Homicide victims need a voice ... AISOCC is here to help and be that voice. Victims of homicides need a voice; membership in AISOCC will allow you to be that voice. The following are the members that make up The American Investigative Society of Cold Cases. Together we stand as one to help fight the staggering number of Cold Cases throughout the world.

Please email for membership information. Thanks!

Benefits of all types of AISOCC Membership include:

  • Receive AISOCC's Newsletter The Crucible

  • Cold Case Training Opportunities

  • Cold Case Investigation Resources

  • AISOCC's Annual Educational Conference for additional cold case training.

How to Become an AISOCC Member:

  1. Pay Dues by mailing a check or money order to: AISOCC, P.O. Box 5029, Jersey Shore, PA 17740. 

  2. Select the type of AISOCC Membership (Corporate, Consulting Committee, General, or Student) that is right for you. (**Must be approved prior for Consulting Committee**)

  3. Complete and submit the AISOCC Membership Form online

  4. The membership application process is complete when AISOCC has received both the Membership Form AND payment of dues.

  • Membership Dues per year:

  • Corporate Membership - $250

  • Consulting Membership - $125

  • General Membership - $125

  • Student Membership - $55

Which type of AISOCC Membership is right for you?

Honorary Review Board

Honorary Review Board Induction to AISOCC is by Invitation Only

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership - $250/year This membership would allow units to receive discounts on any training/conferences AISOCC provides and it would also allow free access to our Newsletters and Scholarly Journals. As a Corporate Member you also will be listed as a supporter and sponsor of AISOCC on our webpage. More importantly, this corporate membership will allow your unit members to "bounce" investigative ideas and strategies off our experts, whether it is behavioral, legal, investigative or forensic. In addition, AISOCC has established a forensic laboratory in which pro-bono testing for cold cases will be done and it may allow for specific Corporate Membership privileges going forward. 

Consulting Committee

Consultation Committee Induction and Membership is by Invitation Only - $125/year Consulting Committee Inductees are by invitation only and require referral from an AISOCC Member. This membership is for our multidisciplinary group of scholar/practitioners, investigators, and others whose goal is to review and develop cold case information as directed by AISOCC’s President. The Consulting Committee will be chosen by the Board of Directors after reviewing the members qualifications. As a Consulting Committee Member you will be asked to review and assist on various aspects of a cold case that is presented to AISOCC by law enforcement. You will have to provide your curriculum vitae (CV) and be referenced by an active AISOCC Review Board or Consulting Member for consideration. Please contact AISOCC Directly HERE to be considered for our Consulting Committee before paying any membership dues.

General Membership

General Membership - $125/year Qualifications: If you are a supporter or fan of AISOCC and our mission, but do not meet the qualifications or do not desire to consult, this is the membership for you. 

Student Membership

Student Membership - $55/year (currently enrolled) Qualifications: Currently enrolled in a criminal justice degree or course related field. Submit a copy of student identification card towards status verification and to receive this discounted membership. A follow-up call to your college may occur to verify you are still enrolled and participating in the criminal justice or related field.

Select the type of AISOCC Membership you would like to purchase from the dropdown list below and click "Add to Cart." An AISOCC Membership Form for new membership and/or renewals will appear. Complete the form and submit payment. Please contact with questions. 

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